These articles give background information on
the Global Mission Consultation in Tokyo, Japan on May 11-14, 2010:

  • Seeking Closure: The Story of a Movement from William Carey to Tokyo 2010 Ralph Winter and David Taylor
    This historical article was first written for the Global Consultation on World Evangelization held in Seoul, Korea in 1995 by Ralph Winter. It has been shortened and updated by David Taylor, managing editor of Mission Frontiers. Where the first person is used, it refers to Ralph Winter.
  • Precarious Milestones to 1980 - by Ralph D.Winter
    Written only a few months before the 1980 meeting, this article is of value because it shows how slight differences of wording and of interpretation almost prevented the 1980 meeting from following in the “novel” pattern of 1910 What it does not reveal is how the intended offspring of a global network of mission agencies was born dead. For that see the appended note at the end of the article. This article originally appeared in the Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research, Vol. 4, No. 2, April 1980......
  • An Appeal To Disciples Everywhere - by A.T. Pierson, D. L. Moody, J. E. K. Studd, and Others
    You can hardly imagine a more illustrious committee document. D. L. Moody who appointed the group and worked with it did not sign it. Probably no one in U.S. history has had greater spiritual influence. A. T. Pierson and A. J. Gordon were the two most famous mission promoters in that era. J. E. K. Studd, deriving from Moody’s Cambridge breakthrough, at Moody’s request stumped U.S. colleges attracting hundreds, including John R. Mott, into missions. Studd was the older brother of the famous missionary C. T. Studd (who founded Patrick Johnstone’s mission, WEC). J. E. K. Studd later became mayor of the City of London......
  • 1980 and That Certain Elite - Ralph D. Winter
    Written two years before the 1980 meeting, this article is of value because it tells in blow-by-blow detail both why the 1910 meeting succeeded and why its offspring, the IMC, eventually failed. The IMC began with a slightly fuzzy mandate in terms of sponsorship. It later slightly corrected that wording and then, as this article shows, succumbed.....
  • The Case for a Global Inter-Missions Network - by Patrick Johnstone
    In my perspective, two keen people stand out at the global level today as the most influential in the cause of missions: Patrick Johnstone, through his various books, especially Operation World, and Luis Bush, through his brilliant initiatives in the AD2000 movement and now his follow through country-level studies known as the World Inquiry......
  • Dr. Ralph Winter's Involvement in Tokyo 2010
    Dr. Winter frequently spoke of his heart for a 2010 global consultation following the format of the Edinburgh 1910 meeting, and for some continuing global-level cooperation of mission agencies. He did not live to see the fulfillment of this vision, but the vision is going forward with Tokyo 2010 and the Global Network of Mission Structures.
  • The World Consultation on Frontier Mission: The Context of Edinburgh 1980 – Ralph D. Winter
    A history of the context of Edinburgh 1980 and a comparison with other world-level conferences the same year.


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